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Beer Draught

Peroni Nastro Azzurro, ItalyBrewed from the finest spring planted barley malts, with a delicate aroma arising from hops of the most exclusive varieties for a unique balanced taste.
Pint   €5.50
Glass   €2.75

Beer & Cider Bottles

You may choose any of the 100 plus bottles of local and international craft beers or ciders in the store to drink in the bar for just €1 corkage per bottle added to the retail price.
If you have any questions about our beers and ciders, or would like a recommendation, we would be delighted to assist you.

             Minerals, Juices & Water

San Pellegrino, Italy
Bottles 200ml €1.95
Cans 330ml €2.50
Lorina, France
Pink Lemonade Sparkling 330ml €1.95
Pink Lemonade Sparkling 750ml €3.95
Santal, Italy
Apricot Juice 250ml €2.95
Peach Juice 250ml €2.95
Pear Juice 250ml €2.95
Acqua Panna Still 200ml €1.95
San Pellegrino Sparkling 200ml €1.95
San Pellegrino Sparkling 1 L €2.95
Vichy Catalan Sparkling 1.2 L €3.95
We also carry a selection of delicious local and international Minerals and Juices, Tonics and Mixers.