Specially Selected, Long-Filler, Hand-Rolled Cigar Selection

Macanudo (1)Founded in 1868 in Jamaica with a combination of Mexican, Jamaican and Dominican tobacco. This is the very best in a smooth mild smoke. Court €9.00
Bolivar (5) Considered a full-bodied smoke, this cigar is hand rolled with premium tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba. Beautifully presented in a red tube, this cigar is ideal for the seasoned mobile smoker and even better once aged. No 3 €14.00
Partagas (5) One of the oldest Havana brands founded in 1845 by Don Jaime Partagas, the factory still exists in downtown Havana today. Having deservedly garnered much attention this surprisingly smooth and a balanced cigar is eminently satisfying. Indicative of its carefully matured blend of medium to full bodied tobacco, rich with earthy tones. Petit Coronas €14.00
Romeo Y Julieta (3) Beautifully constructed. Rich, powerful and spicy. The largest selling Havana in the world. No 3 €14.00
The Grafton Reserva (2) Rolled with carefully selected seven-year-old Nicaraguan tobacco, this is a balanced and satisfying smoke, which is both complex and not overpowering. Corona €15.50
Montecristo (3) Founded in 1935, this classic medium Havana is rich, full flavoured and well packed. Alfred Hitchcock was a devotee. Petit Tubos €19.50
Cohiba (4) This brand was originally reserved for diplomatic uses until 1982 and it continues to reward smokers with its unique, suave and elegant finesse. Your palate awaits a smoke that is full of caramel, black cherry, and cocoa flavours that build to a prominent yet balanced, spicy finished. Siglo I
Siglo VI